Windsor Islamic Association

Windsor Islamic Association

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The Windsor Islamic Association (WIA) serves a population of 37,000 Muslims in the city of Windsor, Ontario. 

We offer 5 daily prayers, Friday prayers, social assistance, educational programs and more.

Our Mission

  1. Serve religious, cultural, educational and social needs of Muslims in Windsor and surrounding areas
  2. Promote interaction, communication and cooperation between Muslims and communities of other faiths
  3. Build partnerships with government and non-government community development organizations to harness the generous giving of Muslims for the benefit of all
  4. Establish facilities and infrastructure for Muslims to perform their religious obligations such as prayer and social services
  5. Foster a safe environment of love and inclusion for all visitors

We dream of a Windsor where Islam is appreciated and its teachings of peace uplift all.  

In order to serve our community and work toward our mission and vision, we need the ongoing support of our community to cover expenses. 

The WIA operates from generous donations and contributions from our supporters. 

Donate today to help us continue to serve our community. 

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