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Windsor Islamic Association

Zakat Ul MaL (W.I.A)

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Zakat Al Mal

الزكاة ومصارفها لم يسبق له مثيل الصور +

 (NISAB  Value IS     $6600 CAD.)

Zakat al-Mal Definition 

The word zakat means “purity, development, blessings and praise” but in practice it refers to alms - money or food that is given to the poor -. Zakat al-mal  can be defined as the obligation upon every Muslim man and woman having certain amount of wealth kept for a (lunar) year, to pay a certain amount to deserving people. Zakat is therefore the amount to be paid (obligation) calculated upon the savings (nisab) held for a year and to be paid to the needy people whether in monetary terms or in the form of commodities. Zakat al-mal was declared compulsory for Muslims in 622CE .



على من تجب الزكاة في الإسلام وكيف يتم دفع الزكاة وحسابها - لحن الحياة
حل درس الزكاة في الإسلام تربية إسلامية صف تاسع فصل أول - مدرستي ...

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